Rianne Meyers

She’s a person or whatever


Hello there, reader! I’d like to thank you for giving this comic a shot. This

website has been a goal of mine for a good chunk of years, and being a web comic

artist/writer/creator has been a dream of mine ever since I read Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name.

Before then, and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist.

What type of artist did I want to be? Who knew? All I was sure of was that I never wanted

to take another math class again.

Super inspirational, wow, amazing.


That’s honestly all it took. If I’m an artist, I don’t have to do math. That’s

how my little mind worked. That was truly the beginning of my art career.

Also, my parents were very supportive, so there’s that. I’d like to thank

them for putting up with my antics for years and years — And the same goes for my

sisters. Thanks, guys!