Hello, reader! you’ve reached the content warning – or trigger warning – page of this site! For the sake of clarification, a “trigger warning” is a warning to those out there that the content in this comic may be triggering to, in that it could cause a panic attack or a bad flashback or something of that nature. This is not a form of censorship. This is a way to ensure that this site can remain a safe place by allowing those who need a warning to prepare themselves for what will unfold in the story — If they wish to proceed, that is.

Here is a list of the themes that will be used in this comic, without giving away any spoilers. I would hate to ruin the story for anyone who’s invested.

– Child abuse

– Child Death

– Swearing

– Antisemitism

– Violence, War, Gore and Blood

– Auditory and Visual Hallucinations, Dissociative Episodes, Depression and Anxiety will be depicted


Thank you for reading, and please, if I am missing anything on this list, let me know in the comic’s comments section.